Saturday, August 21, 2010

Should Transgender or Transsexual People Be Allowed to Marry?


"Gays always love to pretend that they are in some struggle for equality, trying to convince non-gays to join their cause based on faulty notions such as ‘genetics’ or ‘condition’, that do not apply to gays.

The gay agenda has become increasingly belligerent, manipulative and aggressive. Gays wish to force their lifestyle upon our society and children. Gays wish to make it seem that society at large thinks their forceful behavior is acceptable, and actively recruit others to help them manipulate scientific polls, created to show that gays are not accepted and America stands against gay marriage.

It is one thing for people in general society to fall for such rhetoric and clap-trap, but for scientists to fall for this is completely absurd. Scientists should understand that being gay is not a genetic condition that has been proved in any primary journal study of significant confidence.

It is an offense to true interest groups who have had to gain Civil Rights. Gays try to liken themselves to the Afr0-Americans, who came to this country as slaves and were mistreated for hundreds of years, due to their skin color.
Afro-Americans are given equal rights because their skin color is genetic. It is not grounds for treating them differently, for they are people just like anyone else. Their skin color does not obscure their right to live a full life of joy and happiness. Afro-Americans tend to have a higher amount of melatonin in their skin, in addition to several other phenotypic traits resultant to the genetic product of more than ten specific coding alleles.

Women, by a normative genetic means, are of sexual chromosome make-up XX, even though some women are XY and beyond. This is fine. Women have been mistreated in society, due to their physiological appearance. Their oppression was based on a genetic condition, and again, this is not right as it questions the authority of nature and therefore God himself.

In politics and ensuring rights, we must make sure that Civil Rights are awarded based upon merit. Gays try to link themselves to the ideas of Civil Rights for minorities who suffer from genetic conditions historically out of the norm, and therefore, are oppressed.

Gays are not gay due to genetics; gays are gay due to choice. The gay’s choice to be perverted may be rooted in psychological trauma or gender confusion, from an unstable childhood or lack of self-identity. Gays may choose to be gay due to having a malicious heart and a self-destructive nature. Due to their self-loathing, they have no bottom line and enjoy corrupting the most innocent of everyone, children.
Some gays have such issues with self-identity, that they try to ’switch’ their genders in secret, calling themselves made-up things like ‘transgender’ or ‘transsexual’, as if their choice to mutilate their bodies and adorn themselves in the socially acceptable attire of the opposing gender can somehow undo their baseline genetic code.

Gays must be taught to choose that their lifestyle and desire is not normal. Gays must accept that a man’s body is designed to mate with a woman. A woman’s body is designed to mate with a man. This is normal and based on our bauplan, the very essence of our species, we are meant to do.

What is the pulse of America? Gays are trying to make the legalization of their “right” to marriage an issue. The “trans” gays are taking it a step-up, trying to get their official gender denomination changed, so that society is forced to see them as “female” (even though genetically a male) and allow them to marry, against our federal law.

Does the heart of America beat true and moral, or is it now corrupt. Vote in the poll, above. Let it be known if we stand as One Nation, Under God, as it stated in the oath every American must take and believe in. Or are we a modern day Sodom, where we will let gays run rampant, harming our society and children, blurring the line between decency and morality forevermore."

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